We are officially open!! DETROIT ’67 woo woo!! It’s finally here!  We had a fantastic opening last night and the audience had a great time. Come check us out!! A show about family, hustlers, history, race, revolution, dreams, passion, parties and motown!! You don’t want to miss it!! Sure to make you feel good  laugh, cry, and everything in between. Running Jan. 13 – Feb. 24!!

BLACK. December Performances

 Three absolutely amazing performances of “Black. With Capital B” this December.  One at New Hope Baptist Church – where a black congregation and a white congregation came together to bring us.  To spark a meaningful dialogue and continue the difficult but necessary conversations.  The other two, at the Colorado Thespian Conference (ThesCon) for a second year in a row.  Where we got to impact the minds of our young artists who will continue to make a difference and change the world with their art.  I am always humbled beyond belief, honored, and grateful to continue to make a difference.  With my voice.  With my art.  With these impactful audiences.  Thank you.  If you haven’t yet, check out our Denver Post article on the show!

Curious Theatre’s “Black” addresses the racial divide … and is sometimes uncomfortable



Thrilled for both of these upcoming productions!  Saturday August 12, 2017 we kick off our tour of BLACK. With a Capital B. on behalf of Curious Theatre Company.  We will be performing at Redline Art Gallery as a part of their 48-Hours of Socially Conscious Art Exhibition.  I am always so honored to do this very important piece.  About race relations, police brutality, and understanding.  Always followed by meaningful discussion.

The very next Saturday at 2pm, I will be performing in White Rabbit Red Rabbit with Pipeline Productions.  This show I am equally excited AND terrified to be a part of!  There is a different actor each performance for this one person show, and the actors have no idea what the script is about until the day of their performance.  I will be on a journey with the audience, figuring it all out!  Come join me!

Wacky Wednesday – Rainbow Princess!

Final Wacky Wednesday of the summer at the DCPA?! Say it ain’t so!!  Always my favorite day of the week!!  I love seeing what the kiddos will wear and am equally excited to be the silly teacher that will dress up every time!!  Here’s to another awesome kids theatre summer camp at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. To round it out I present: Rainbow Princess.  It’s been real =)